Caitlin Durkovich Testifies at Senate Hearing on Energy Security and Electromagnetic Pulse Threats

Posted May 4, 2017

Toffler Associates director offers expert insight about EMP threats to energy infrastructure

Caitlin Durkovich at Senate Hearing

Caitlin Durkovich, Toffler Associates Director and critical infrastructure security expert, recently testified at a hearing on Energy Security and Electromagnetic Pulse Threats hosted by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

On May 4, Durkovich joined fellow energy experts to offer witness testimony about the threats posed by EMPs to our nation’s energy infrastructure. In addition to Durkovich, the witness panel included: former House Speaker Newt Gingrich; acting FERC chair Cheryl LaFleur; former director of Strategic Defense Initiative Organization Ambassador Henry Cooper; Electric Power Research Institute executive Robin Manning; and Lincoln Electric System CEO Kevin Wailes.

Durkovich’s nearly 20-year career in homeland security, and more specifically her role as the Assistant Secretary of Infrastructure Protection for the National Protection and Programs Directorate, affords her a unique perspective on infrastructure vulnerabilities and the importance of public-private risk management to address the emerging and complex issues facing the energy sector. Durkovich’s testimony centered on risks to the electric grid, the potential effects of an EMP event on critical infrastructure,as well as the importance of government and industry jointly developing mitigation plans and investing in a modern infrastructure that is more resilient to current and future threats.

View the entire hearing online here.

Learn more about Caitlin Durkovich here.

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