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Toffler Associates is equal parts an advisory firm and a consulting company. As advisors, we help our clients understand the future disruptions that they will encounter in the coming decades. As consultants, we help those clients plan for and adapt to those disruptions.

Sometimes, those disruptions are internal. For example, how can we help Client A understand how to position its workforce to adopt and collaborate with the coming advances in artificial intelligence technologies? Sometimes, those disruptions are external. For example, how can we help Client B adapt its global operations in the face of increasing geopolitical power shifts? Sometimes those disruptions are a little bit of both. For example, how might Client C meet a vast societal problem that affects the company’s bottom line but is too large to be solved without a network of partners in the public and private sectors?

We call our methodology FutureProofing. To understand future disruptions, we look far and wide. We believe that learning is never a linear process. So we interview experts inside our clients’ industry. We interview experts outside our client’s industry. We read. We perform quantitative and qualitative analysis. We share ideas. We take to a white board and challenge each other’s ideas. We construct alternate futures in order to identify the drivers causing the changes our clients are experiencing.

That’s the advisory piece. Understanding the future is a process that is often stimulating, challenging, and fulfilling.

Then we roll up our sleeves and help our clients plan for and adapt to those disruptions. That’s the consulting piece.

Some of our clients are government agencies. Some of our clients are commercial entities. On any given day, we might be in our client space meeting with clients or preparing a presentation. We might be facilitating a leadership offsite or writing a white paper. The work is ultimately rewarding, but progress often comes slowly. Helping clients adapt to the future is not easy. It is one thing to deliver a paper outlining a transformation plan on a client’s desk. It is another thing entirely to stick around and help those clients transform their organizations for the next 6-60 months.

If that company description sounds broad, it’s because it is. If the company sounds quirky, it’s because we are. So how might you know if Toffler Associates and you would be a good fit? Start by reviewing our values. We believe strongly in them and look for new team members who can exhibit them on a daily basis. Our four values: speak truth to power, be a curious, lifelong learner, engage in diverse thought, and commit to connection.

We believe most strongly in cultural fit. If you have a proven track record of achievement in the military, that’s great. If you have a proven track record of achievement in a scientific laboratory, that’s also great. If you have a finance or legal background or are just graduating from college, that’s great, too. Regardless of where you come from, we are looking for team members who exhibit personality traits such as those listed below:

  • Curiosity

  • Resilience

  • Self-awareness

  • Intellectual courage

  • Humility

  • Initiative

  • Comfort in ambiguous environments

  • Can find opportunity within chaos

  • Can find common ground across age, background, and experience gaps

Can you earn respect and credibility to become a trusted advisor to our clients? Can you voyage into the marketplace and return with a new perspective, nugget of information, relationship, or something similarly valuable to the firm? Can you lead teams, projects, or idea generation?

If so, we should talk. We invite you to submit your resume and cover letter.

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