Gregory Weber

Greg Weber

Greg helps senior leaders to overcome their most challenging organization development issues. In particular, he provides guidance around managing the implications of cultural and human dynamics on transformation and innovation strategies. Before joining Toffler Associates, Greg ran the Organizational Development branch of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. He is a former active duty Army Infantry Officer with service in Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he earned a Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart, and Commendation Medal for Valor. He served as a reserve Military Intelligence Officer supporting cyber and signal intelligence activities for the National Security Agency and Army Cyber Command. He holds a B.A. in Sociology and an M.A. in Strategic Communication from Seton Hall University.

Gregory’s most recent blog posts:
The Risk of Neglecting Human Value in the Innovation Solution
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"We are proud of what Toffler Associates is doing, it has become a significant influence for dealing with the issues organizations are facing in the future, as distinct from other consulting firms that are still dealing with the past."

- Alvin Toffler, Founder

"We could not create a consulting company like all the others. We had to create a company that addressed Third Wave problems. We started Toffler Associates with a great deal of hope and the result has exceeded our wildest imagination."

- Heidi Toffler, Founder

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