Climate Scenario Planning

The only certainty is your need to respond

Customers. Investors. Employees. Suppliers. Regulators. Taxpayers. Your stakeholders expect you to have a climate response plan. But uncertainty abounds. What if reducing your carbon footprint increases your operational costs or consumers’ and suppliers’ prices? Or reduces product availability? Or affects your workforce’s ability to work locally and globally? And how will you fund mitigation investments? What regulatory changes would impact your market and operations?

Toffler Associates’ climate scenario planning helps you identify the climate-related disruptors—temperature change and weather, regulations, investor demands, consumer attitudes and behaviors—unique to your organization’s sustainability and viability. Whether you’re responding to TCFD, coming SEC pressures, an Executive Order, or simply want to navigate your organization toward a greener future, we work with you to analyze tradeoffs across a multitude of scenarios so you can take action to address climate change now.

Key Results


Understand and align on the financial impacts of climate physical and transition risks so your organization can move forward


Make budget and capital investment decisions with confidence

Comply & Communicate

Disclose climate impacts to shareholders and stakeholders to comply with regulatory requirements and communicate priorities


Evaluate risks and opportunities to make decisions today and inform near- and long-term strategic planning

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