Jon’s career journey spans military service, government contracting, and private sector consulting, with a focus on strategic planning, operational efficiency, and leadership. Currently, as an Associate/Engagement Lead with Toffler Associates, Jon supports a strategic planning and organizational change management program for a major DoD customer. His prior roles include Security Program Officer at the U.S. Department of State, managing high-risk security contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan. His military experience in the Virginia Army National Guard, including roles as a Regimental Staff Officer and Rifle Company Commander, honed his leadership skills and strategic mindset. He leverages these diverse experiences to drive organizational success and mission accomplishment across various sectors.

Why did you join Toffler Associates?

I wanted to work somewhere where I knew I would be tested and could grow. It was also important to me that I not feel like a “cog in the machine.” Toffler’s boutique atmosphere and substantial focus on professional development check all the boxes for me!

What is your favorite client story?

I love to see clients come to truly believe in the product, and I feel a deep sense of pride and personal ownership that they made something that was truly their own.

What is your superpower?

I love coaching and teaching! At the core, that’s what I do with my clients, I listen, evaluate honestly, and then help guide them to an outcome and product that they believe in.

What excites you about 2030?

Bridging gaps and helping to provide greater flexibility to our customers by using emerging tech combined with the backbone of time-tested processes and strategies.

What do you enjoy most about Toffler Associates client work?

The variety of work and the trust the firm has in it’s people. There’s always something interesting that someone is working on and our management believes in communication and transparency. Additionally, we’re given tremendous autonomy to work client issues and develop solutions; we’re respected for our expertise.

What is your favorite part about TA culture?

That as hard as we all work, and as high as the standards are (and they are); this firm is still a place where you can balance your family and personal life. The firm’s respect for those relationships and needs is evident in the way we’re all treated from day 1 and it’s appreciated.

How do you spend your free time?

I love doing things with my hands and learning new skills; you can find me either working on a home improvement project or out in the duck blind come when fall comes.