Katherine Wagner is an Associate who specializes in TA Knowledge Network Expert interviews, analyzing and synthesizing research, and understanding how unconnected ideas come together.  Prior to TA, Katherine worked in the Education and Nonprofit sectors, completing a two-year experience with Teach for America, a national teacher corps. She specialized in leading and training small groups of individuals through data-driven facilitation and engagement strategies. Katherine is now translating her technical and teaching experiences into an analysis of workforce and society trends. Katherine earned dual degrees in Neuroscience and English from Virginia Tech, researching the nature of human motivation through both a scientific and creative lens.

Why did you join Toffler Associates?

I became instantly enamored with the intellectual challenges that Toffler provides. Every single person in the firm is committed to exploring future trends and possibilities. Our job is to indulge our curiosity, diving deeply into a variety of topics in an effort to truly serve a need for our clients and support their organizations’ long-term growth.

What is your favorite client story?

I joined Toffler remotely during the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, so I’d only experienced client meetings virtually. In summer of 2021, my team had the opportunity to fly to one of our clients and host an in-person workshop. The meeting was surprisingly emotional for all of us. After only talking via screens for over a year, we all wound up hugging, excited for the chance to finally interact in real time.

What is your superpower?

I adore writing, in all its forms, as well as editing. When writing, you are able to get into a headspace where time freezes, and all that matters is how beautifully and clearly you are able to convey your thoughts on a page. With editing, I am always humbled by having the opportunity to figure out how to make a piece better.

What excites you about 2030?

I think witnessing firsthand how the Covid-19 pandemic pushed the adoption of new technologies on a global scale has been an incredibly exciting experience. Whole industries, from film to finance, are being completely transformed, and the stories and experiences of everyday individuals are increasingly redefining our historical narrative. There are so many directions 2030 could still take, but the pace we are living in now is undeniable; it certainly feels like we’re on the brink of paradigm-shifting events to come.

What is your favorite part about TA culture?

At its core, TA is a collection of people who love to learn. A big part of Toffler culture is exchanging ideas, exploring concepts, and genuinely loving discussions about what “could be.” There is an intellectual rigor and honesty at Toffler that is purely exhilarating.

How do you spend your free time?

I vary between having extremely adventurous moods, where I love to travel and explore new destinations, and relaxed moods, where I love to stay in and read, paint, or play competitive online chess.