Toffler Associates

Knowledge Network

New perspectives for emerging possibilities

We help our clients see opportunities in their changing environment and position themselves to take full advantage of those opportunities. TA Knowledge Network, our worldwide collaboration network, can provide new perspectives for emerging possibilities. We interview >1000 experts each year and have a database with over 3M professionals across every industry and region. Through expert interviews, salons, and multi-disciplined and cross-sector workshops we explore the outside markets and environment. This allows us to bring diverse perspectives to identifying opportunities for growth, risks, and blind spots.

Making Meaningful Connections Possible

Collaboration is at the heart of our work, starting with our clients, senior executives’ laser-focused on future growth. These leaders are well aware of their organizations’ increasingly complex environments and are willing to take the steps necessary to unearth new opportunities for growth and mitigate exposure to future risk. They want advisers who speak truth to power. They want advisers with whom they can tackle difficult questions and tough problems. They want advisers who can create a safe environment in which to examine organizational biases and envision a new future. We seek to inform the discussion with fresh ideas and new perspectives. We are drawn to agile thought and innovative solutions.

We also have the luxury of having served more than 200 clients in industries as diverse as aerospace, chemical/materials, defense/intelligence, healthcare, industrial/manufacturing, hospitality, telecommunications, and transportation. This diversity of clients has shown that most disruptions and forces of change are common across industries, meaning parallels and analogies are can be meaningful sources of insight and learning.

We foster relationships with thoughtful, curious, and motivated people in a variety of locations and spheres. Good ideas often come from seemingly random connections. Our collaborations make those connections possible.