Think Like a Futurist

Transforming the federal government requires new thinking

Think Like a Futurist equips leaders with the foresight crucial to transform government services to meet the needs of a modern world.

The Convergence of Technology and Workforce

Key Takeaways for Building Future Resilience

Accelerating technological change is transforming how work gets done. As artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and digitalization reshape roles and required skills, what is the path...

9 Future of Work Disruptors

A Practical Guide for Navigating Change

Our guide explores how disruption is changing work and provides a framework for developing a custom action plan for your organization.

The Future of Work is Now

Strategies for Intelligent Automation and Talent Transformation

This webinar with Toffler Associates and Roboyo discusses the role intelligent automation plays in organizational and operational leadership.

TCFD Reporting: What You Need to Know

Get Smart Quick on Climate Reporting - Updated

We updated our popular TCFD Get Smart Quick guide to account for California's recent climate change reporting laws. Here's what you need to know.

The Growing Threat of Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Understanding the UAS Landscape

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) present new challenges for airspace security, making it harder to distinguish between benign and threatening objects. As UAS congestion outpaces regulations...