Security & Resilience

Secure Tomorrow's Future

As the world becomes more connected, the opportunity to exploit that interconnectivity grows exponentially. Technology advancements. The increasing power of individuals. Societal collisions. Climate extremes. Forces like these continue to converge, making the biggest threats to your organization the ones you haven’t yet thought of.

Toffler Associates brings our powers of dot-connecting and creative thinking to our government and industry clients. We use a range of tools to unleash your organization’s collective imagination. Together, we think through existing and new threats and identify the appropriate, governance-wise approaches and responses to enhance your security and resilience.

Key Results

Holistic threat identification that unites the cyber and physical realms
Right-sized, enterprise-focused mitigation and resilience solutions
Tools to revamp protocols and governance to respond to today’s threat landscape

Our Expertise

  • Enterprise Resilience Threat Assessment
  • Governance for Security & Resilience
  • Cybersecurity Assessment
  • Resilience through Partnership Planning
  • Red Teaming
  • Stress Tests, Wargames, and Exercises

Critical Leadership Questions

  • What unconventional risks are we considering and planning for?
  • Do we understand the risks facing our vendors and suppliers?
  • Do we have a culture of resilience?
  • Is risk management and resilience planning practiced across the organization?
  • Does our risk management focus extend beyond compliance and which activities support this?

Enterprise Examples

Analyzed emerging threat environment, company capabilities, and stakeholder/partner options to establish a cybersecurity center of excellence for a major electric utility
Developed future threat scenarios and conducted tabletop exercises to prepare a major sports league’s security team for next-generation threats, while identifying required critical capabilities
Evaluated private public partnership (P3) best practices and developed guidance to ensure mutual value across P3 ecosystem for the National Risk Management Center (NRMC) within the Cyber Security Infrastructure Agency (CISA)

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