Futures & Foresight

Your future has many paths. Let’s get ready for them all.

The extraordinary speed of change and disruption hurtling toward every industry is causing business and government sectors to question and rethink their entire strategic planning approach.

Unlike traditional models focused on a predicted or forecasted future with accompanying hard-wired strategies and systems, companies need to remain agile and prepare today for multiple plausible futures, each with its own specific threats and opportunities.

We work with clients to help them understand the critical drivers of change, success factors, risks, and how to accomplish short- and long-term objectives through preparation and ability to navigate the intense challenges facing them. This also enables the ability to create the desired future.

Key Benefits

No regret strategies to address multiple plausible futures
Blueprint for rapid response to unfamiliar or changing environments
Key signals and indictors of major disruptive forces, plus optimum response

Our Expertise

  • Alternate Futures® Scenario Planning
  • Future of Market/Technology Assessment
  • TCFD Scenario Planning
  • Competitive Assessment/Wargames/TableTop Exercises
  • Visioning and Value Proposition
  • Foresight Analysis and Training
  • Full Spectrum Exploration® (FSX®)
  • Voice of Customer/Partner/Supplier (Ecosystem)

Critical Leadership Questions

  • What market changes do we expect and how do we avoid surprises?
  • What investments should we make today to prepare us for the uncertainty of multiple potential futures?
  • What opportunities are created from emerging technologies, societal shifts, geopolitical changes, customer needs, business models, and other forces?
  • What are our blind spots and how do we challenge our biases?

Enterprise Examples

Explored the Future Digital Consumer and digital society of 2030 to inspire product innovation roadmap for a telecommunications company
Developed and exercised future scenarios related to commercial research for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to guide strategy for the Oceanic and Atmospheric Research lab
Developed alternate healthcare futures to guide a major pharmaceutical company’s product ideation that will prepare them for a rapidly changing healthcare environment
Created future worlds to help the Veteran’s Administration (VA) develop a long-term strategy
Created scenarios of a decentralized and decarbonized energy environment for an electric utility to identify the scope of operational changes necessary

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