Governments and corporations face extraordinary disruption, fueled by rapid and seemingly constant change. The need to adapt can seem constant, too, inducing change fatigue throughout an organization.

By starting with the future first, Toffler Associates helps you drive change without the fatigue. Our Future Proof® strategy development considers your organization’s unique responsibilities and value proposition within a framework of the larger forces driving change. We then “backcast” from the future to identify opportunities for your long-term viability. Together, we use futures and foresight to develop strategies that make sense for your organization, align to overarching leadership goals, proactively contend with roadblocks, and assert your organization’s value in an increasingly complex and crowded marketplace.

Client Success Stories

Worked with a Fortune 100 telecom company to bring to life the digital consumer of 2030 and identify and prioritize products over the next ten years
Developed a strategic plan for NOAA's Oceanic and Atmospheric Research Lab to assert its role in an increasingly crowded stakeholder ecosystem and further NOAA’s mission of science, service, and stewardship
Guided a major pharmaceutical through alternate healthcare futures, providing the basis for new product creation in a rapidly changing healthcare environment
Identified operational changes to enable an electric utility to remain viable in a future of decentralized and decarbonized energy

Key Benefits

No-regret strategies that address multiple plausible futures

Blueprint for rapid response to unfamiliar or changing environments

Reduced change fatigue and shared clarity around organization identity

Our Expertise

  • Future Proof® Strategy Development
  • Alternate Futures® Scenario Planning
  • Future of Market Assessments
  • Visioning and Value Proposition
  • Full Spectrum Exploration® (FSX®)
  • Voice of the Customer/Partner/Supplier Analysis

Critical Leadership Questions

  • What market changes do we expect and how do we avoid surprises?
  • What investments should we make today to prepare us for the uncertainty of multiple potential futures?
  • What opportunities are created from emerging technologies, societal shifts, geopolitical changes, customer needs, business models, and other forces?
  • What are our blind spots and how do we challenge our biases?

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