Technology & Innovation

Smart Growth Requires Adapting to Smart Technologies

Technology is constantly evolving at an expanding rate, pressuring organizations to adapt and change at an increasing pace driven by new and emerging technologies, which launch new competitive threats. A world that is becoming increasingly connected and “smart” will have a profound effect on the way organizations operate and stay competitive.

Unlike typical questions relating to past disruptive technologies, companies will face moral and ethical questions about “should we” vs. “can we”, including definitions of privacy in a digitized world where data is stored forever, while balancing trust with reality.

The goal of these services is to drive sustainable growth through technology, process, and human capital innovation, and the application of cross industry best practices. On the other end of the spectrum, technology scanning creates an early warning system for potential disruptors and threats to organizations.

Key Benefits

Opportunities and threats from new and envisioned NextGen technologies
Informed investment strategies and R&D priorities
Preparation for unfamiliar moral, ethical, legal, and operational issues created by new technologies

Our Expertise

  • Technology Scouting
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Future Market Assessment
  • Commercial Intelligence Techniques (TACIT®)
  • Future Change Monitoring and Detection
  • Supply Chain Analysis

Critical Leadership Questions

  • Which emergent and realized technologies will impact us?
  • How could new technologies disrupt the markets we serve?
  • What capabilities and knowledge do we need to leverage emerging technologies?
  • Which developing technologies can be catalysts for our innovation?

Enterprise Examples

Explored the R&D investments across customers to identify corporate development and innovation opportunities for global aerospace and defense company
Performed technology scanning for the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Science and Technology organization to identify potential threats and disruptions to domestic security in 2030
Analyzed the technology and manufacturing industrial base (TMIB) for the Undersecretary of Defense’s Science and Technology organization to understand the ability of the commercial sector to provide capabilities required by the Department of Defense
For the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, we identified the future drivers of global innovation across relevant sectors and helped to design an investment portfolio strategy that would allow them to allocate risk capital and take advantage of emerging centers of innovation.

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