Briggs is an Associate at Toffler, where he helps guide efforts on collecting, analyzing, synthesizing, strategy development, and presenting for various clients. Briggs began his career in finance, working at Merrill Lynch Private Banking and Investment Group, UBS Private Wealth Management, and as an Associate Director at Requisite Capital Management, where he focused on establishing private equity and strategic investment recommendations. Briggs is a twice-over graduate of Texas A&M, with a Master of International Affairs with concentrations in International Finance and Diplomacy from The Bush School, and his Bachelors degree focusing on History and Business.

Why did you join Toffler Associates?

I joined Toffler to help companies and the government understand not only the world in which they see and are ready for, but also prepare for the unknown future so they are ready to take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

What is your favorite client story?

My favorite client story has been helping a large government agency understand not only the technical aspects and requirements of switching to green fuel, but also bringing in my background in market dynamics and forecasting to show how key drivers in the private sector can help influence and shape the adoption of new technologies.

What excites you about 2030?

I think we’re just beginning to scratch the surface of what mRNA is able to achieve, and the advancements made in biotechnologies by 2030 will be absolute gamechangers!

What do you enjoy most about Toffler Associates client work?

There is a real sense of purpose with everything we do here. The problems we are asked to solve are certainly not easy, but that only makes it all more rewarding when we’re able to come together with our client to build out recommendations and strategic direction for the future!

What is your favorite part about TA culture?

It sounds cliché, but everyone really does enjoy working with each other. The type of collaborative flow that comes out of our discussions is second to none, and is a major contributor to the extremely high quality of work that we achieve.

How do you spend your free time?

My free time is usually taken up by my two dogs, Moose and Topo – you can usually find us walking around Capitol Hill, or in one of the many parks around the DMV! Otherwise, I’m often out exploring the city, our museums, or traveling!