Caby Styers is an Associate who collects and analyzes the data of the past and present to help our clients understand what kinds of futures are possible. She connects people with observations and trends to keep our work grounded and people-centric. Before Toffler, Caby lived and worked in South Korea for two years as a Fulbright English teacher and helped translate complex ideas on American culture and diversity for high school and elementary students. She worked in a research position in Brussels which focused on European strategic autonomy and possible impacts of that policy, and she has also worked with the State Department in their Public Diplomacy Office in the East Asia Bureau, helping to create clear and impactful communications and to connect with the public of East Asian countries. Caby graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and Asian Studies from UNC-Chapel Hill and a graduate degree in International Relations from Syracuse University.

What is your superpower?

My superpower is listening! I love hearing about people’s experiences, stories, and thoughts on what they are passionate about. I can learn so much through just sitting down with others and listening to their problems and challenges. It may not seem like a great superpower, but I think this is the first step in truly understanding an issue to overcome it.

What excites you about 2030?

I am excited about all of the amazing possibilities with technology in recreation. It makes me ask things like, “What will the future of gaming be like and how will that be integrated into other aspects of our lives?” or “How will people’s relationship with cars change with autonomous driving?” While 2030 may seem far away, as Alvin Toffler once said, “the future always comes too fast and in the wrong order.” While the possibilities can be both good and bad, Toffler Associates helps transform fears of the future into opportunities for transformation, resilience, and preparedness.

What is your favorite part about TA culture?

At Toffler, you are able to interact with people from all levels and types of backgrounds. Everyone has such a thought-provoking perspective and it helps me challenge myself to think differently and/or learn something new every day! They are also a great group for book recommendations.

What would you emphasize to a recruit about your role, the firm, or success at client?

If you are someone who enjoys connecting with people, thinking creatively, and challenging the status quo, then this is a great place for you. I have been able to be imaginative in my research and explore those creative ideas through conversations with my coworkers, experts in the field, and our clients. I have found that it has helped ignite long-discussed topics and problems with hope for the future and our clients!

How do you spend your free time?

In my free time, I grow plants and find old, unique books around the city. My house and office are completely filled with different plants that I have collected over the years. Some new topics in my book collection include ferns of the Appalachian, best recipes of 1987, Russian fairy tales and folklore, and all of Alvin Toffler’s amazing writing!