Agile Security for the New Business Normal

“You’re only as secure as your weakest link.”

Caitlin Durkovich, Infrastructure Security Expert


The pace of change in the security and protection environment is radical. Interconnectivity and globalization have driven progress in enterprise, government, and private sectors. Yet they also have raised the level of the threat environment. Every day, we see proof that incidents are ‘when’ – not ‘if’ events. The sophistication of modern threat actors means that every opportunity for a lawful organization is an opportunity for an illicit one. Broad and constant data sharing brings with it a host of vulnerabilities, whether it’s a breach by an actual threat actor or an unintentional compromise by a team member or trusted partner.


It’s not new news to say that the risk environment has evolved dramatically over the past 20 years. Yet the pace at which most organizations are strengthening their security mindset and structures is not at parity. Toffler Associates security experts have taken a deep look at the demands and actions necessary to build a fluid, agile, effective risk management approach.


In the following resources, you will learn more about the shifts and factors shaping the security environment and how it is likely to look by 2026.


The Future of Security and Protection:  Gain insight into the (known and hidden) critical factors likely impacting your operational resilience


What you Must Know to be Cyber Ready: Learn what an agile risk management approach looks like and how smart enterprise organizations are building bulwarks against pitfalls and blind spots in their cyber, physical, and human capital


We encourage you to consider this information in light of your unique organizational opportunities and vulnerabilities, and to call on our security and infrastructure experts to help you secure your future.



No longer can the effort be a stove-piped task focused individually on protecting people and places. Managing risk is a holistic necessity that works concertedly across cyber, physical, and personnel. It works with an eye to the future and current state of affairs because new data is constantly emerging and changing the environment. Agility is necessary and demands foresight, pre-planning, and policies, but also ongoing strategy review and updates.


It’s time to call on Toffler Associates to help you protect your current and future value with enterprise-wide focus, foresight, and resources.



About the Authors

Caitlin Durkovich

A recognized expert in critical infrastructure security and resilience, including cybersecurity, Caitlin helps clients navigate the complex operational challenges posed by an increasingly interconnected and interdependent global economy. As a leader in the Department of Homeland Security under the Obama administration, she led the development of public-private partnerships to influence policy and best practices related to managing security and the operational risks of a continually evolving threat environment. Caitlin holds a B.A. in public policy studies from the Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy at Duke University and a certificate in business strategy from The Aspen Institute. In January 2021, Caitlin left her position as director at Toffler Associates to accept a role as the Senior Director for Resilience and Response on the White House's National Security Council under President Biden.

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