Disruption 2030

Risks and Opportunities for DHS S&T in the Coming Decade

Understanding why and how the world is changing is the first step in preparing your organization for the future. The next step is determining where your organization fits in this environment and the role that prospective customers, adversaries, employees, and other stakeholders will play in shaping said future.

We collaborated with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate to explore this future environment and identify the threats and technological disruptions we can expect to see in the upcoming decade. The intent? To provide them with the necessary insight to operate effectively in this unfolding landscape.

Download our findings to see how you too can future-proof® your organization.

Don't get left behind, download your copy to learn about: 

  • The 5 change drivers shaping the future and impacting societies, organizations, and individuals
  • The 6 future shocks that will be the foundation for a continually-changing threat environment
  • The 4 technology waves to keep an eye on in order to gain agility and resiliency in this future environment 

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