The Future of Innovation: Transforming Today’s Organizations into Tomorrow’s Value Creators

Future States Forum Discussion

Innovation is not a new concept. Adages like “change or die” have long been adhered to in the business world. However, the rapid pace of change coupled with the flexibility required to foster innovation presents challenges to even the best leaders.

So, how can businesses overcome obstacles and inspire cultures of innovation?

We brought together a diverse group of associates to discuss this question and in this paper, we share the highlights of what we learned from our forum including:

  • What's wrong with traditional industrial-era business models
  • Why people & diverse workforces matter in creating innovation
  • How leaders can contribute to building a culture of innovation

About the Authors

Toffler Associates

As a consulting and advisory firm, Toffler Associates delivers strategic advantage to clients around the globe with an unwavering commitment to be the catalyst for change. Both the public and private sectors rely on Toffler Associates’ Future Proof® business consulting service and unique perspective to architect better futures.

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