What Sets Toffler Associates Apart?

We could simply describe Toffler Associates as one of the top global strategic consulting and advisory firms because we certainly are. The change management methodology that we’ve fine-tuned over 20 years has enabled some of the world's top companies and government agencies to realize better futures.

Our difference is the orthogonal and anthropological approach we take to identifying options that would not typically be considered. By stretching the conversations and the analysis, we don't settle for the easy or obvious answers. We draw on our vast experiences from a wide range of industries and situations to expand the conversations we have, and press to ensure the right questions are being solved for.

We are well-grounded in accepted business practices and the concepts of value creation and value protection, but we also offer the Toffler Associates difference – our skill at stimulating organizations to think differently about their company and goals in order to transform themselves. Our business consultants are professionals from all walks of life who bring diverse work, life, and educational experiences to bear on complex problems. They uncover perspectives and connections that result in more comprehensive recommendations, more practical plans, and stronger organizations.

We architect better futures for our public and private sector clients.

"I must say that Toffler Associates has some of the smartest and most creative people in business. If there is a higher quality consultant product in America, I have yet to encounter it after 14 years of work in a firm that spends very large sums on consultants."

- Division General Manager, $18B Services Organization

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Challenging you to think differently, prompting you to ask the right questions, and helping you to find the best answers to your business challenges.

Together, we can deliver solutions to some of the most challenging and complex problems that public and private organizations face – answers that help spark innovation, transform organizations, create a more sustainable world, and even save lives.

To learn more about working at Toffler Associates, view our Careers page.

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