Tomorrow, today.

Toffler Associates is a future-focused strategic advisory firm. We empower organizations to discover new opportunities and create value in a complex world where change is accelerating.

Solutions to solve your Future challenges.
No Time Machine needed

In an era of massive uncertainties, including, technological, societal, geopolitical, and environmental, we give our clients the ability to control their own destiny. Once in the driver’s seat, they are able to bring about high-value outcomes and impact by increasing business predictability, identifying ways to manage uncertainty, and reducing surprises. We give clients the tools to:
  • Anticipate and prepare for multiple plausible futures
  • Identify opportunities for growth and transformation
  • Understand future risks and consequences
  • Discover where to innovate for future needs
  • Define vision and develop resilient strategies

Design Strategy & Policy with Vision & Foresight

Analyzing the forces that impact the future can reveal how innovative business models or technologies, new market needs, risk mitigation, shifting competitive conditions can create opportunities for growth and competitive advantage

Identify Emerging Threats And Develop Resilience

Explore how new capabilities, new motives, and new actors can create man-made threats and evolving environmental dynamics can create new natural threats. Creatively thinking through these changes helps organizations understand and recognize what can drive threats and develop security and resilience responses.

Understand Workforce Requirements This Decade

Society is approaching an inflection point around the relationship between people and the organizations that need their skills. From remote work and new employment models to the impacts of automation and changing career paths, the potential disruptions from these changes need to be analyzed comprehensively so organizations are prepared for and can influence the future.

Build An Innovation Pipeline

Most organizations understand product and innovation development from what the organization does and what customers need. However to remain competitive in the coming decade, it is critical that organizations understand future customer behavior and needs driven from tangential/adjacent industries that can be utilized to disrupt and create the future services and products.

Create a Security Plan within Partner Ecosystems

Engaging a broad ecosystem of stakeholders to understand incentives and motivations for participating to transform the understanding that security is a profit and value generator

If you want to benefit from the future, you must create it.

Organizations face a new era of unprecedented uncertainties and instability. Navigating these challenges requires a different approach by leaders.

The key is foresight and adaptability. Companies that thrive will be those that have influenced their future through foresight and preparation, while understanding that the future does not follow a linear trend from the past. They have learned how to recognize and adapt to signals of change – empowering them with a major competitive advantage.

"To survive today’s onrushing changes, we must be prepared to reconsider the very models on which our obsolete organizations are based."

— Alvin Toffler, The Adaptive Corporation 1985