The sudden and rapid transition to virtual work forced many businesses and organizations to grapple with an unfamiliar new normal and all the security concerns that come with a remote workforce. And now, organizations must plan for what a “return to work” will look like as well.

For this webinar, our panelists will lend their security expertise, sharing how security has become a concern across every function of the business. Their insights, learnings, and best practices will prepare leaders for how to manage what will likely be a new and permanent way of operating for almost every company. The novel normal requires an expanded approach to security across people, technology, operations, and policies. This prolonged period of remote work has created new endpoints — human, technical, and facilities — that must be accounted for and secured going forward.

This webinar is intended for any leader who wants a forward-looking view to the transition and the challenges it will bring.

Please join Toffler Associates and Pillar Technology Partners on Thursday, May 14TH at 12 PM EDT for a 1-hour webinar that discusses how to lead through these organizational concerns and other challenges that stem from the evolving state of work.