The workforce is changing, and more than ever before, automation is driving that change. Join leaders from Toffler Associates and Roboyo for an important conversation about the role intelligent automation plays in organizational and operational leadership as well as planning in times of uncertainty.

Toffler Associates is a future-focused strategic advisory firm that enables organizations to build resilience and thrive in a world where change is accelerating. We help businesses and public entities capitalize on opportunities, build agility, and mitigate risk in an uncertain future.

Roboyo enables the future of work, delivering intelligent automation solutions that accelerate clients’ unique automation journey. Our mission is to bring together world-class consulting expertise and the in-depth technical knowledge required to deliver transformational automation solutions.

Discussion highlights from this dynamic and interactive webinar include:

  • Key change drivers and societal disruptors shaping the future of work
  • Real-life examples of the power of intelligent automation and how it impacts companies and workers
  • Leading with a human-centric mindset and ensuring your human capital serves its highest purpose