As CEO of Toffler Associates, Maria taps into deep experience with strategy development and execution, customer experience, business performance management, acquisition integration, and organizational transformation. She is an energetic and insightful executive who brings dedication and know-how to help organizations define business strategy, lead high performing teams, grow new markets, and create measurable results.

Why did you join Toffler Associates?

I joined Toffler Associates in 2017 and was impressed by the depth of strategic thinking and creative intellect of the team. It is surprisingly robust for a small business.

What is your superpower?

My superpower is connecting dots across sectors and surfacing blind spots or finding unexpected growth or innovation opportunities.

What do you enjoy most about Toffler Associates client work?

The Toffler Associate client work that I enjoy most is the Alternate Futures® scenario planning and foresight analysis. I believe insights about the future is critical to identify growth opportunities and threats. It allows for decisions and actions today to help prepare and create the desired future organization.

What is your favorite part about TA culture?

My favorite aspect of the Toffler culture is the team with diverse backgrounds and thinking, which enables collaboration to push thinking and engage in fun. I love working with historians, economists, political scientists, designers, psychologists, along with engineers, MBA’s, and data analysts.

What was your most influential prior job experience and why is it relevant at TA?

Early in my career I worked as a manufacturing engineer in a defense electronic manufacturing company. My role involved working projects across the manufacturing process from clean rooms to machine shop floors while learning how to engage various workers to improve the product.

How do you spend your free time?

I spend my free time reading historical fiction, trying to bike longer distances, and cooking new recipes.