Why Corporate Training is the Future of Higher Education

February 21, 2018
Traditional higher education is not designed to give workers the knowledge to thrive in business without additional corporate education. A solution exists.

The Case for Data-Driven Decision Making in a World of Bias

October 4, 2017
A step by step guide for considering context, making sense of data, and putting bias and insights to use for confident decisions with lasting...

Do people still matter in a post-automated world?

March 22, 2017
As technology transforms and replaces human jobs, companies must hire and build a workforce capable of competing in a future where automation is the...

The Path to Your Organization’s Success is Paved with Failure

December 28, 2016
The only certainty in transformation is points of failure, but when they deepen understanding and certainty, they strengthen the future of the organization.

How Flash Mobs and Unions Reveal the Future of Consumer Rights

September 7, 2016
Flash mobs and collective buying power offer models that reveal the role of competition in labor unions and the future of consumer rights.

The Human Side of IT Resource Implementation

April 6, 2016
Organizations must view IT resource implementation as a combined human-machine institution and involve users from the planning phase to manage toward productive change.