Welcome to Vanishing Point – The New Toffler Associates Blog

A vanishing point is defined as “the point where your eye should view an image for the correct perspective.” We want our new blog to help you to see the world and your business in new and exciting ways.

We will share our insights from a variety of industries to help ignite your creative thought and innovation. We’ll help you identify and overcome the very real challenges you face in creating new value and protecting the value you’ve worked so hard to build. We will challenge you to start by asking the right questions.

So, why did we choose the name Vanishing Point? Because it describes so much of our firm’s methodology in two words – we look at things from different points of reference to find the best solutions for our clients.



Join us as we bring our ideas and experience to focus on the vanishing point that is your future.We promise to challenge you to think differently, prompt you to ask the right questions, help you to find the best answers, and even entertain you.


The world is changing more rapidly than ever. Your future depends on taking action today.


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