A Letter From Our CEO

Digging deeper into the “What Now” and “What Next” of it all

Most of the U.S. is currently about a month in to this new social distancing normal. We understand you’re in crisis response mode, which can distract from organizational progress and focus. Here at Toffler Associates, we’ve had to adapt our leadership support services to the current constraints around budgets, attention spans, and areas of focus. We want to help your organization do the same.

In talking to our clients and extended community in recent weeks, we have done our best to listen, learn and dial in on what’s needed and how our expertise can be of service in this surreal time. Take a look below at the various ways we are offering support, and as always, get in touch if you’d like to discuss further.

COVID-19: What Now and What Next Series

As many of you know, we’ve launched a blog and educational content series to offer our thoughts and learnings on how to respond to this evolving pandemic. See below for what we have published so far, and subscribe to this blog to get the updates right in your inbox.

How to Mobilize Your Workforce Throughout the COVID-19 Crisis

As we’ve been meeting with our government clients, we have heard common challenges around keeping workforces engaged and productive. The work-from-home environment we are now all in was nearly immediate without much time for organizations to plan and prepare. Understandably, people are struggling to be productive in the middle of crisis response mode.

Toffler Associates has been solving for workforce issues for years through design foresight thinking workshops and facilitated sessions. To best support our government clients, we’ve created a smaller-scale offering to help you mobilize and engage your team. Through FAR Part 13 Simplified Acquisition, we can conduct a two-week sprint designed to solve your workforce productivity challenge.


Immediate Impact, Smaller-Scale Service Offerings

Based on challenges we have heard from many clients, we’ve created two immediate-impact services. Through these smaller-scale offerings, we aim to help you continue to manage through the crisis while proactively looking toward the ever more complex issues that lie ahead.

The goal is to regain some control over the tyranny of the urgent, make sense of the uncertainty, and start planning for the new normal that is to come. One offering is around the “now” and one is focused on the “next.”
  • What Now: Centered on Dynamic Crisis Leadership to help you manage through the current crisis and focus on immediate needs. It brings a methodology and structure to prioritizing key areas to focus on during this uncertain and rapidly changing environment.
  • What Next: Utilizing Futures Scenario Planning, we will work together to prepare for the lasting impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic using near and mid-term scenarios.

We are here to support you. Whether that is a friendly voice to bounce an idea off, or a virtual facilitation or workshop, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


About the Authors

Maria Bothwell

As CEO of Toffler Associates, Maria taps into deep experience with strategy development and execution, customer experience, business performance management, acquisition integration, and organizational transformation. She is an energetic and insightful executive who brings dedication and know-how to help organizations define business strategy, lead high performing teams, grow new markets, and create measurable results.

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